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Maximizing Your Workforce: The Power of Training Existing Staff


In today's dynamic and competitive business landscape, companies are constantly seeking ways to stay ahead of the curve. While hiring new talent can inject fresh skills into your company, overlooking the potential of your existing workforce can be a missed opportunity. One of the most effective strategies for growth and innovation is investing in the training and development of your current employees. Here's why training existing staff is essential for maximising your workforce: 1. Harnessing Institutional Knowledge Your existing employees possess a wealth of institutional knowledge accumulated through their experience within the company. By providing them with opportunities for training and [...]

Maximizing Your Workforce: The Power of Training Existing Staff2024-03-27T14:36:53+00:00

Forklift driving – Jobs and Training


What training is required for a Forklift Driver? Forklift Truck Driver Training is a specialised course carried out either in a training centre’s own premises (typically a mocked-up warehouse with racking and pallets to move around) or carried out on a client’s premises. The training course for most forklift types would typically be 3-5 days long depending on truck type and the number of delegates. Annual refresher training is generally required. Forklift driving is relatively straightforward but useful qualities are – spatial awareness, good hand-to-eye co-ordination, safety consciousness, physical fitness and good concentration. What are the different types of Forklift? There [...]

Forklift driving – Jobs and Training2024-03-12T09:53:39+00:00

Certifying your team members


Certifying your team members In any business, it’s important to make sure your employees are well resourced with vital knowledge and skills to carry out their job role to the best of their abilities, we offer businesses a method of doing this in a professional structured way, this allows you to invest in employees that are full of potential and drive to learn, investing in your staff allows them to develop and become leading figures within your business. By offering your employees the chance to widen their skill set to grow within your company, you’re not only improving the [...]

Certifying your team members2022-07-25T13:42:49+01:00
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